JUST crazy for dolls

J ust cray for dolls!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day??? Where am I ?

Yes, being a critical  economy that still continues to SuCK! Yet the price of dolls has not gone down. Parents everywhere scramble to afford and obtain the latest and greatest plastic version of love for the child. 
As a parent how do we know the plastic bundle of joy will really be utilized in a way that promotes working three hours to purchase such a toy?  Kids say they want something but are they sure, is it a long term want or just something they need to keep up with their peers.  Much as adults will succumb to the "latest and greatest", so will children.  What gives us the security to know the child will enjoy the toy until the end? Do we care? Perhaps it is just a matter of providing everything we as children were denied.  Who is to say?  Food for thought.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

DAY 197

Bratz Masquerade.
Well after a month long hiatus from dolls I am back.  I thought I had too much of a good thing and got burn out on the subject but it turns out I just needed a break as my life began to turn in a different direction but now I am here.  Here to talk about Bratz dolls.  I little girl that lives next door talked to me today and described the doll that I had not heard of.  Well at least not the new line anyway and because she is so cute I just had to check it out.  So here is a pic of what she was talking about.  Although it is the pajama line that just recently cam out she was inspired to obtain the Masquerade beauty because the doll conveniently came with a mask for  her.  Bratz...still making money.